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Name:qingdao chuangnuo medical technology co., ltd
Trade Category: Lab/Research institutions
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Address:qingdao, shandong

qingdao chuangnuo medical technology co., ltd ?is engaging in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and other fine chemicals. Our company could offer competitive chemicals in domestic and overseas, we also could custom, research and development related products according to client requirement.
Over the past years we mainly aim at local market, recently we pay high attention on the overseas market as well, with the most competitive price and top quality, and we enjoyed high reputation in the world market , mainly Middle East, South American, Africa, and South East Asia. We promise to cooperate with our partners by providing fast and high-quality service so as to face the challenges of the 21st Century in which life science develops quickly. We have the confidence to be your helpful assistant and reliable partner in our future work. We aim to win the market via quick response and fast delivery, as well as continues development of high-tech medical compounds, bio-medicine, and new pharmaceutical intermediates.

What do we deal with?
– We manufacture, distribute and ship highly (99%) pure chemical materials to all countries in the world!
– We provide a 100% guarantee for all the products we distribute and deliver!
Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice on the research-chemicals market:
-We provide fast (3-4 days) and safe (GUARANTEED) delivery services!
-We personally manufacture all our products, so we can guarantee 99% purity!
-Our business policy is focused on developing long-term partnerships, so we will not deceive anyone!
-Many vendors dispatch different products than the ones ordered since they are out of stock of the ordered product, but WE always send the products ordered by the client.
-We offer personalized wholesale prices!
-We offer client-oriented, quick, helpful and kind customer services!

Welcome your inquiry for long business!!!!!